Johnny.Decimal has a new website

Hey all. Big news. I’ve been working on a site re-write for a few months now. I started from scratch — not necessarily because I wanted to, but because frankly I’d forgotten how the old site worked. I am not a web developer by trade.

I have a lot of ideas that this new site will let me do. The first version has mostly copied content from the old, but keep an eye on it. It’ll keep growing.

Feedback most welcome. Now, time for a drink… I can’t believe that’s finished. :tumbler_glass:


Just looked at it to review something and it looks great, thanks for the update!

Wow, it’s great.
Beautiful font and nice colors

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Thank you and thank you @Jesse_K. I worked hard on it.

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Nice! I’m currently rebuilding my site in Eleventy so it’s neat to see an Astro project in action. Very inspiring.

Love typefaces and the index system in all its JD awesomeness. And the logo really works too!

Looking forward to the RSS feed. I’ll keep a tab open to my feed reader so I don’t forget. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for sharing your system and ideas with us, Johnny! Please let us know, when you update 13.01. :wink:

Ah cool, how do you find Eleventy? I looked at it, can’t remember why Astro won out in the end. Astro is great, the old site was Gatsby which just felt so heavy. But some of that’s on me I guess, I probably over-configured.

RSS feed should come back this weekend. When I started, Content Collections weren’t a thing. Now they are, and they provide a much nicer way to get full content in to the feed. So this weekend’s task is to migrate it over, doesn’t look too tricky.

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I will! I have a lot in my brain that needs to come out, just have a few last ‘chores’ to complete first (see post above) and then 13 Multiple projects will get the love it needs. :heart_eyes: