Jhonny Decimal on Spotify Playlists

I tend to go big or go home and I chosed go big with JD, I basically fit my entire life including businesses and projects, even my list of contacts using the same 00-99 system, but I struggle with the order of my playlists, where the music playlists fit?
I ordered my life in the most important things of life are, health and relationships, then wealth and stuff, my question is, if someone uses JD on absolutely everything such as me, where the music comes?, on productivity? projects?

I basically used wrong the system at the beginning, I just took advantage of the system that orders everything by the numbers and used like 09 - Chillwaves, I created playlists by mood
I will attach it here if anyone wants to know what I’m talking about

The ultimate thought I got was to create a mood playlist to every area and then use that number but in my mind inside spotify that could look not neat.

I would thank whatever anyone responds to this

I attach my current system
00-09 - Management & Meta
10-19 | Health
20-29 | Wealth
30-39 | Relationships
40-59 | Wisdom
60-69 | Businesses
70-79 | Projects
80-89 | Systems
90-99 | To define later

Based on your numbering system, I would put it in “Systems”, as you’re creating a “music system”. However, I think it depends on how you consider music. Do you listen to it for your health, or for wisdom, when you work? I think putting playlists and music files around the different folders will make it difficult.

I have my music files on an “entertainment” folder I have.