JD Workbook 13.01: Help understanding the definition of a "project"

tldr: I’m struggling with 13.01 in the Decimal Workbook and not sure how to define my scope properly given the crossover between aspects of my life/work/school.

Hi all. I just wrapped up reading the The Decimal Workbook and will begin actually doing the exercises and creating my system this week. However, I’m still struggling to understand the definition of a project.

For context, I went into this thinking I would use this system for all of my files (work, school, life), meaning I would have just one project. I envisioned having Areas like “School” and “Career” for example. After reading the workbook I am under the impression it may make sense to have 3 or so “projects”: Work, Personal Life, School.

However, I am concerned about this setup because there is a decent amount of crossover between those categories. I am currently doing my master’s of design and as a result have projects for school that often bleed into things for my career like a portfolio post, for example. Other times, a personal project might become a school project or vice versa. These projects are also not necessarily large and having them as separate projects feels like overkill in some ways as I don’t think I’d even have close to enough areas/categories to fill them.

Anyone have advice on how they’ve divided up managing their lives and work?

Just a quick response from me as I’m on holiday and dictating this on my phone.

I strongly recommend you just use one project for this. This post might help.

I will be back at a proper keyboard next week.

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Also, this is really good to know, thank you. I will clarify the PDF. All other feedback most welcome.

Thanks so much! The post you shared really helped, think I’ve got everything cleared up. Really enjoying the workbook so far and find it to be super clear, easy to navigate.

I think the reason the “project” distinction felt a little confusing is just because of my personal association with the word project. I think of a project as something very distinct with clear tasks, deadlines, etc. like a school or work project with a clear start and end. Really just a semantic language thing, not sure it matters and may just be a me thing but sharing here in case it’s helpful.

Other random “feedback” – saw someone else post that they are using Miro for the sticky note part of the guide and I plan on doing the same since I’m not going to be in one location for the next month or so. Think it will work as a really close alternative to physical notes. Just another maybe helpful note :slight_smile:

Enjoy vacation!

MacOs has a built-in app called Stickies that I always forget is there. That might work for the sticky note part of the guide too. ( ^ . ^ ) \m/

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