JD System for Artists?

I’ve found the JD system has been great for me when it comes to general life admin, school, and work files, etc. However, I find it falls apart for me when I’m trying to organize photos and images. Specifically all the files I use for making art.

I’ve dedicated folders [70-79] to my art practice, but can’t figure out the best way to structure it.

I typically have a folder dedicated to each art project that contains the final piece, the rough draft, reference images, etc.

I’d ideally like to have a view of all finished pieces in one place, but I also don’t want to separate it from it’s folder.

I’ve thought of categorizing [70-79] by type of art/medium but then I often find some that can fit within more than one of those. I also have client work or projects for an event but most of it is personal. I considered organizing by year but then I’ll be wanting to find a specific piece but can’t remember what year I made it in and will have to search through each one.

I’m likely overthinking it, or expecting too much. But would love some insight anyway!

This might be one of those cases where the hierarchy breaks down. It might be – shocker! – a more appropriate use of tags?

Because I guess images can be a bunch of things? Objects, subject, tone, colour, purpose, size … you get the idea. Oh and maybe a tag for status: rough draft, reference, final.

macOS has a fairly comprehensive tag feature built-in, as do many photo management apps.