JD system for a graduate student

I’m working on a doctorate in history and I’m constantly failing to keep my life organized. I thought JD wasn’t going to work for me at first because I could not figure out how to fit reading notes into it in a wholistic way. The flatfile-type approach on the keeping notes page (one note per AC.ID number) isn’t going to work for me because I need to take reading notes on thousands of sources plus meetings and prewrites, and everything else. Those notes must be handled by the same method as any notes about the system itself because I don’t want to have one note system for my reading and another note system for JD.

My setup isn’t totally JDetic (JDonic? JDastic?), but I think I’ve solved almost all my problems with a really simple modification: an AC.ID or PRO.AC.ID number can be either a folder or a markdown file but not both. In that case folders XXX.YY.00 can contain 99 notes corresponding to the XXX.YY.ZZ notes in the simplenote example from the tutorial. Meanwhile, XXX.Y0.00 note title.md and XX0.Y0.00 another note title.md replace folders at those addresses with notes about the system, as I did below with 00.00 index.md. This also lets me access mid-level information without having to expand folders in a tree view that only have one file (as in 11.05 contacts.md below, which has names, addresses, and phone numbers of people and institutions that get repeated on many applications). The whole thing can sit in an obsidian vault for extended note-taking tools and I can interact with the tree through a programming editor like emacs or sublime text to handle every file in the system.

My intention is also to set this up so it can roll into one of @ks84’s 100-series project numbers from a previous post about JD for professors without interfering with the organizational scheme. For instance, I have a category for teaching assistantships here but they aren’t in a “teaching” area so there isn’t conceptual overlap with a potential future project range called “teaching” for courses I’m organizing myself.

What do you all think?

00-09 meta
   00 documentation
      00.00 index.md
10-19 applications and funding
   11 application materials
      11.01 cv
      11.02 student evals
      11.03 contacts.md
   12 fellowships
20-29 coursework and exams
30-39 reading notes
   31 sci med tech
      31.01 history of physics
   32 novels
   33 workshops and summer schools
40-49 research and writing
50-59 people stuff
   50 meta
      50.01 people to contact.md
   51 meetings
   52 presentations
      52.01 conference talks
   53 teaching assistantships
      53.01 2_1_2017aut_professor_abcXXX
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I think this looks pretty sensible to me. I would agree with the way you’re not necessarily numbering each individual note with a JD number. I also have an obsidian vault for my PKM that’s plugged into a JD number but within the vault I don’t bother numbering my notes. Obsidian’s brilliant search and back links features should help you find stuff when you need them later.

@ks84: I agree, Obsidian is brilliant. I tried many note taking apps but have got stuck on Obsidian because it offers just about everything, and it is still in beta! The devs and community are amazing, lots of expertise and friendly.

was kind of proud of myself that I had the thought to treat AC.ID numbers as either folders or markdown files, but I just realized that of course anything that displays a tree view sorts files and folders separately. This appears to be something no one lets you change in any of the applications I use. I don’t think I mind it that much since the important thing is the numbers rather than their visual position in a list, but it might be irritating to someone.

Does anyone know if this is a setting you can change in things like atom editor or sublime text?

While both Sublime and Atom use CSS to style themselves, There’s not great support for selecting the first word (the AC.ID) via CSS selectors alone and setting a style for it.
.title:first_word {
There is a first-child (:first-child - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN) selector, BYMV.

Indeed, annoying when one uses a system like ours.