JD for received files

I’m new to JD and trying to corral all my existing files into a system. A problem I kept running into was that I have lots of “reference” files that I’ve received from other people that come in nested folders. Deeply nested folders go against the core principles of JD, so how should we handle filing reference files that we don’t control the structure of?

Good question: I’d probably just put the entire ‘received’ folder in one JD folder, but it depends.

Will you be modifying the structure? Is it a live structure that will change? Or is it just for reference?

The more you’ll be modifying it in the future the more I’d lean towards putting in the work of re-organising it.

They are purely reference files. An example would be educational materials I purchased that came with PDFs, Markdown templates, and Figma files. These all come in their own nested folders and it doesn’t make sense to break them out into a flatter folder structure.

I’ve also got lots of backup files: fonts, apps, SVG sets, and other random bits and bobs that don’t belong to a project. Can these live in JD or should they live somewhere else?

I get you. Yeah I’d put all these in a single JD folder. Don’t worry about their internal nested structure: doesn’t matter.

Remember, the point is that you can find this stuff in the future. That’s all that really matters.