J.D, PARA and a bit of GTD

(Sorry for my bad English.)

I like Johnny.Decimal: To determine the sort order by numbers. In addition, it seems to me that the limitation to 10 areas of 10 categories of 100 topics make sense in most cases (even not to wide nor to deep). If necessary, deviations are possible and I have a lot of them as you see below. Less useful for me, however, is the J.D project extension PRO.AC.ID. So I switched to AC.ID-PRO. As a small business owner, I have structured my system based on J.D, PARA and GTD as follows:

11 - 19 Projects [and other support material according to GTD]
        11 Clients
             11.AB1 [acronym to get more than 10 client-IDs, sorted by name]
                  11.AB1-000 Administration
                  11.AB1-001 [up to 219 Projects with no realation to year]
                  11.AB1-22A Accounting 2022 [repeating every year ≥2022]
                  11.AB1-22P Payroll 2022 [repeating every year ≥2022] …
                  11.AB1-22T Tax 2022 [repeating every year ≥2022]
                  11.AB1-22V VAT 2022 [repeating every year ≥2022]
        12 Other Projects [business & private]
             12.22001 [ID up to 999 items per year]
        13 Next Actions
             13.22001 [ID up to 999 items per year]
        14 Waiting for
             14.22001 [ID up to 999 items per year]
        15 Somedy, maybe
             15.22001 [ID up to 999 items per year]

21 - 29 Business areas of responsibility
        21 Management
             21.01 Businessplan …

31 - 39 Private areas of responsibility
        31 Finances
             31.01 Bank Account …

41 - 49 Resources
        41 A - Z
             41.01 A - C
             41.02 D - E
             41.08 W - Z
        42 AC-Topic  1
             42.01 Theme-ID 1
        43 AC-Topic  2
             43.01 Theme-ID 2 …

[51 - 79 for possible special resources]

81 - 89 Archive
        81 Projects
             81.01 Clients
             81.02 Other Projects
        82 Business area of responsibility …

91 - 99 Backup
        91 Smartphone …

With reference to AC “11 Clients” above: Is there a better way in j.D to deal with up to 99 customers with more than 100 projects each customer?

I like your setup. I’ve toyed with adding client names for large clients. However, the system “frowns” upon adding letters.

I have my multiple clients set up as, for example, 11.01, 1.02, 11.03 etc. I guess someday this can grow to 999. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your review, @jdnumbers. What problems do you see with using alphanumeric acronyms as long as they are unique?

Hi. I personally don’t have a problem with them. They’re a comment based on JD’s site, Multiple projects | Johnny•Decimal. I think letters might be easier to forget what they mean when compared to numbers, but that could just be my brain.

Thank you very much. In my case, it’s the other way around: The letters result from the last name and first name. So I can see at a glance which customer is hiding behind which acronym. On the other hand, I could hardly remember customer numbers.

That makes sense. However, if you have people wiht the same 2 letters, that’s when it can get confusing. For example, if you have as clients Carl Lewis and Charles Lemon, you would have 2 CLs. That’s where I think you run into issues with letters. But, if it makes you remember your files, I would say go for it, and dont worry about the haters.

This is correct, but only very rarely to be expected. Then there is the digit in the third position.