J.D-ing old projects


  • Does anyone retrospectively organise old/past projects with J.D? Assume you’re not doing similar projects now and are not likely to need/use any content for practical purposes.
  • Do you assign a separate index with the PROJ.AC.ID structure or just give them an ID in your personal AC.ID J.D index?

(I know it’s all personal preference; I just wonder about how un/usual it is.)


I was in bands from my late teens to mid-twenties. Never “made it big” to the point we could quit our day jobs, but two of them were serious enough to leave me with an archive of recording & press materials, media coverage, clips from radio interviews, photos from tours, etc. They’ve just been sitting in a storage drive for years; I’m not likely to need anything from those archives for practical purposes, but I don’t want to delete them either. Now I’m just thinking about where they fit into my J.D system… :thinking: …and haven’t been able to find an answer.

Would love to hear about how y’all tackle similar scenario.

I’d put these all in a single ID which sits somewhere in ‘my personal life/arts projects’ or thereabouts.

Then break the rules and create folders in that folder for images, video clips, etc.

Remember the golden rule: the system is there to help you find things. Keep it as simple as possible. Don’t create new projects for this, that’s over-complicating things.

Would love to see some of those old clips by the way. :guitar: :sunglasses:

What about when a particular project is complete with the 3 digit ID? Where do you put those projects? Or do you simply leave it where it is?

I can imagine either creating a project archive category and storing all old projects in there (though that could get a little messy) or prepending/appending completed projects with a letter ‘a’ or something like that so


Or you could make it something more unique so you could search for all archived projects if needed. So maybe something like


This way you can search for ‘Archv.’ and nothing else will show up in the search except folders of archived projects

Or maybe to keep it with numbers one can create a special project just to store archived projects. Let’s say ‘999’. But then would it be the one exception to the rule to add more numbers :joy:


What do you think?

Hey. And welcome!

If you were to move whole projects out, I personally would just put them somewhere (offline? on my NAS? cloud storage?) in a folder called Projects archive or something.

I would not change the number. Don’t prepend an ‘A’. No need, and now you’ve potentially broken search/scripts/links.

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