Ideas for connecting bullet journal index with JD

I came across the bullet journal idea quite a few years before I came across JD. The thing I liked about it was that, yes, you can keep your notebooks organized — all you have to do is keep an index and number your pages. I used that idea to great success in a job as a foreign language teacher, where research skills had to make up for no one being around to show best practices. If I open that notebook, I can still see at a glance what info its 80 pages contain and how to find what I’m looking for. That’s awesome!

I still use that system today, but I’m curious what ideas the community has about connecting bullet journal (specifically their indices) and the JD system. I like writing on paper because it gives me a reason to practice my chicken scratch. And I think cool people carry pocket notebooks :wink:.

Here are some ideas I have so far. Dated todo lists are in the bullet journal index.


Todos 1, 3, 9, 12, 14
Gift ideas 2
Notes on child rearing 27-34
1/23/24 Call with HR 24

A note could be made in 00-09 System/03 Journals/2023-11-17 Field Notes which more or less duplicates the index from the notebook itself. I’m not sold on that idea, yet, though.

I also wonder, would it be possible to keep the actual whole JD index in the pocket notebook itself? Would it be worth copying that to every new notebook? That could mean tens or even a hundred lines to copy, which could get old pretty fast.

I guess the notebooks themselves can be disposable, depending on how one uses them. I don’t really care if my todos stick around after I’m finished with them. So, probably not a great place for an important long-term thing like the JD index.

It wouldn’t be hard to keep the notebooks around after they’re filled up especially if I stick them somewhere in my filing cabinet (if you’ve read my other posts, you might get that I’m fairly proud of it, haha). Then, the main problem is, how can I store references to information in the notebooks in my JD system? Another question is, do I really have any critical information in those notebooks worth keeping around, or should I just treat them as a sort of inbox, to be filed properly within the JD system at my earliest convenience (or not at all)? Maybe I could name each notebook, or refer to it by its creation date (which I always write on the first page).

I’m curious to hear the community’s considerations on this topic. Do you use both systems? Do you connect them in some way?

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Couldn’t agree more :sunglasses:. I rarely leave the house without one. [1]

By the way, I finally found a solution to carrying a writing implement; long a problem that I’ve tried to solve with tiny pens and various methods of attachment.

It’s a pencil, predictably — I can’t remember the last time I used a pen — and you stick it in the back with blu-tack. I find a strip of masking tape stuck opposite helps it stick to the paper less; more a problem when you have the pencil out and you’re writing with it.

I also stick one of my debit/credit cards to mine so that I can leave the house without my phone. Also this makes people think that you have a magic notebook. (Otherwise I exclusively use Apple Pay. I don’t carry a wallet.)

This does eventually ruin the back page of the book but I’ve found that this takes roughly as long as it does to finish the book.

This sounds like an okay solution. I suspect this is one of the times when you’ll find yourself leaning on your notes’ search function; at least here if you search all notes and come up blank you’ll know that you can narrow your search to category 03 Journals and try again.

Because this feels like one of those where you’ll kinda remember that you had an entry maybe? and so it might be a bit more hunting than usual. But if you can zero in on your notebooks, at least, then that should help.

I don’t do this myself but I love the idea and might start! Please let me know how this plays out.

  1. The ‘quality nail clippers’ were for a chicken. Though we decided to let the vet trim their nails; it’s really difficult, they hate it, and chickens bleed for ages. Not a fun task. ↩︎