I made a J.D. Javascript CLI

Dunno how useful this is for y’all, since I mostly just built it for myself, but I made a Johnny Decimal CLI using Deno! I also created a system for making Javascript plugins for it, so that it can be extended for more specific usecases. I’ve been using it for the past few months, so I think it’s mostly pretty stable at this point.

CLI Guide: https://johnny.bpev.me

Code: github.com/ivebencrazy/johnny_decimal

You can also import the javascript modules for any other javascript project you’re working on.


:heart_eyes: Been thinking about doing something similar myself – using Deno – for ages, but never got round to it. 100% will be checking this out on the weekend, thanks for posting!

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Cool! And yupyup it took me a while to get around to it as well heh. Kinda wish I had tried building it in Rust, but I liked the idea of exporting a lot of the non-basic functionality as a Javascript/Typescript plugin system. Maybe I can try turning it into a hybrid app at some point… :thinking:

O ya I forgot to put a plugin code link in the parent, but if you start thinking about writing some code, there are some plugin examples I made for myself (also, all the included commands are written as “plugins” as well).