How to apply the JD System in organisations (Apple, Google), Private JD System, Study System

Hi dear JD Forum,
how can the JD system be concretely applied to corporations or organisation that are globally active (Apple, Google and co.), which areas would one choose? What would a concrete system look like with these amounts of data?
Furthermore, I have two more questions: What would a private JD system look like in concrete terms? Which areas should one take specifically? And my last question: Enclosed I have a picture of an organisation of a complete study? How can I convert this folder structure into a JD system? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am happy about every answer, stay healthy all together!

Hi there! I saw this question via email, thanks for posting it here. :slight_smile:

I just got back from a holiday in the UK – visiting my family for the fist time in 2.5 years! – so am a bit behind on life, but I’m not ignoring this question. I’ll get back to you. :handshake:

Great, I am so looking forward to the answer. I hope you had a nice trip.