How do I manage files that belong to multiple projects?

Greetings from a newbie!
I’ve read the whole website and the workbook (my compliments BTW: clear, straight to the point, no fluff).


How do I manage files that belong to multiple projects?

Some example from may use cases:

  1. I go to Madrid this year for a vacation, so I create a new folder there I put the flights, the hotel, places to see, where to eat, etc…
    Let’s say I’ll go to Madrid next year too…so I have new infos about flights and hotel, but the places to see and where to eat stay the same.
    What do I do?
    Do I duplicate the files to the new folder, or do I keep places to see and where to eat on a specific folder, so that I can refer to that folder from both the two travel to Madrid folders?

  2. People.
    A collaborator may belong to several projects.

  3. Contracts.
    I work for some big Companies, each Company asks me for several projects, and each projects has a specific contract (I’m a freelancer).
    How do I manage the contracts?
    With my present System I store ALL the contracts in a single folder named…Contracts…and use the file name in order to register the date and the name of the project.

  4. Academic resources.
    A single paper may belong to several categories and projects.

My idea is to store the informations into their specific Categories, and cross refer to them by using a text file.

For example, for the projects matter:

20 Company ABC
20.01 Project X
30 People
30.01 John Smith

So I create a text file under 20.01 Project X where I store the information of the project such as the budget, timing, etc… (I already do it: a Markdown file per each project).
In this file, under the section “Collaborator” I write something like “30.01 John Smith”, so that I can easily jump to the note of John Smith.

As for the travels:

40 Travels
40.01 Madrid 2024
40.02 Madrid 2025
50 Places to see
50.01 Cathedral of Madrid

So in this case I can create a text file under 40.01 Madrid 2024 and write 50.01 Cathedral of Madrid for a reference.
Then next year, I create a new text file under 40.02 Madrid 2025 and write 50.01 Cathedral of Madrid for a reference.

Is it a viable solution?

I hope it makes sense: I’m sorry English is not my native language.

Keep your places to see in Madrid separate, I think. But you can always reference it from your 2025 trip to Madrid note.

I like doing this in my index. I’ll put a little block at the very top of a note telling myself that this note ‘relates to’ another note. Bear’s wiki links are great for this.

What sort of information are you storing related to the person? This will influence how I think about this.

But my instinct tells me to have a place for people – I’ve typically used 12 People & organisations in the past – and reference them there from elsewhere if required.

I really need to write a blog post about how I do this. Please hold.

Yeah I have 34 Contracts in my personal system, inside the area which manages my small business.

This is a tricky one. Later this year (when we’ve finished recording the Workshop) I’ll be holding a series of public Zoom sessions to work out the academia problem. Lots of people have this issue and I don’t have a solution yet.

I’ll stick a post here and on the blog when I schedule that.

I noticed the #_active -tag.

Are you archiving with that or what is the use of that?

Archiving is the one question that has been hard for me to get around.

It’s a work-in-progress idea, I’ll document it when I’ve figured it out properly. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for your reply.

In the note of the specific contact I store information such as Company, role, and other infos related to the general aspect of the person.

I don’t need to specify how we collaborate and in which project, because I already cite the person straight into the note of the specific projects.
If I want to now how, when and why I have collaborated with that person (that happens when he/she contacts me after 2-3 years or more for a new proposal), I simply make a search across all my notes.

So help me understand: those folders relate to specific projects?
I ask because it happens that I have many invoices for the same project (for example, a monthly payment).

Great! See you soon then!

My 34 Contracts are just the contractual agreement between me and the other party at the start of an engagement.

None of the actual work lives in there. The job itself was always another JD system.

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Hi, can you explain what you mean with „another JD system“?

So I had my ‘home’ system that contained 34 Contracts and then when I went to work there was an entirely different system with its own structure.