Help with setting up a Storage Unit for home contents

I am planning to use JD to label boxes and storage rack locations in a Storage Unit I am renting. The actual items have individual barcodes stuck on them and are logged in a Home Contents app which has categorised by room (as all Home Contents apps do).

So I thought I would use the room categorisation for my JD labelling in Storage but took a step back and thought I would ask to see if anyone else has been through this process before.

The main purposes of the box/rack labelling are:

  1. If I bring a new item to storage, to be able to choose the most appropriate box to put it in quickly.

  2. Similar to 1) , if I bring a lot of new items to be able to quickly distribute them in appropriate boxes quickly

  3. If I’m looking for an item : be able to narrow down which boxes quickly (and I can then rummage through the boxes)

Any thoughts gratefully received