For Obsidian (multiple vaults?) and/or DevonThink (multiple databases?) users

I’ve decided that my collection is going to have (at least initially) two systems – one for my activities as a professor (teaching, research, service and so forth) and one for home and personal (including side gigs in consulting). I have built out the index for the first system using the one note per entry concept in Obsidian. I am getting ready to build out the second index (I’ve mind mapped — thank you so much JD for the MindNote recommendation-- my second system).

But my key design question is this. Should I start a separate vault in Obsidian for the second system. Ditto for the many support files I keep in DevonThink - should I set up a second database to correspond to the second system? I can see arguments either way, and wonder if folks have encountered issues I’ve not thought of.

The bulk of my files outside of Obsidian and DevonThink will be in my file system – mainly in cloud services (OneDrive, Dropbox and GoogleDrive), but some old ones on physical hard drives. I am thinking of moving as much as possible of the old stuff into the cloud to keep the task of syncing and setting up new machines less of a headache. Basically since early in COVID, I pretty much shifted all new stuff to the cloud.

By the way, in my index card file (or whatever JD decides to call it), each entry ID card has a hash tag indicating where the associated files may be. I’m also giving Alfred a serious look, though it doesn’t play well with DevonThink.

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What you mostly need to consider in the case of Obisidian is if these files will ever need a connection. If they don’t, than two different databases is probably more useful, especially if you have separate work/private accounts for things like OneDrive.

If they need connections or if things cross over, than one would be the way to go :slight_smile:

No right or wrong way, only what fits your needs.


Hello phillychuck,
Is it possible to share the structure you use for your teaching?
I’m struggling to do the same.

Here is my structure (posted a couple of weeks ago): J.D system for professors/academics? - #43 by PhillyChuck