Example of Johnny.Decimal for a wiki

I was setting up a wiki for a ttrpg world I’m creating, and both

  1. Needed to keep everything organized
  2. Didn’t want to have file renamings screw up the markdown links

I used J.D to solve both of these. I built a program to sort through the directories of the wiki, pull out the J.D ids of everything, and use that as hash links, which then load whatever has the id of, say, 12.03, regardless of what the rest of the filename is.

Here’s some examples:


Interesting use case. I’m not familiar with ttrpg’s: what’s the structure of the markdown card that generates say * https://iroe.craftidore.com/#22.00 ?

All the source code is here: https://github.com/Craftidore/Iroe-Setting-Lore.

Markdown file looks like this:

# Index of Inter-Species Cultures

- [Wood Elves](#22.01)
- [Free Elves](#22.02)
- [Geklian Gnomes](#22.03)
- [Wandering Gnomes](#22.04)
- [Gnomian Wanderlust](#22.05)

ttrpg = Table Top Role-Playing Game

The most well known example of a ttrpg would be Dungeons and Dragons (aka ‘D&D’), though there are a large number of other (and, in my opinion, better) ttrpgs out there.
In a ttrpg, you and everyone you are playing with are collaboratively creating a story set in some world. Sometimes that world is basically reality, whereas others are sci-fi or fantastical.
In this case, I’ve decided to make my own fantasy world for the story to take place in, and the wiki is designed for me to put information about that world.

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