Discord? Really? Where's the Invite?

Started the new year with a goal to organize my digital files and notes. I discovered Johnny Decimal on Reddit, visited the website, read about it, and bought the PDF.

The email receipt led me to the forum where I joined and started reading through the book, occasionally checking the YouTube links and forum help mentioned at the end of chapters.

However, several forum posts mentioned a Discord link, which made me think I was overlooking something obvious. Each time I tried to access them, I hit a dead end with a message saying I don’t have access. This sent me down a rabbit hole, searching everywhere for the Discord invite: back through forum threads, my email receipts, YouTube comments, the website, even the PDF.

Recently got new glasses and even decided to clean them in case they were the culprit of my oversight. But, alas, no luck. So, I’m asking here: could someone kindly share the Discord invite and link without hinting at where I might have missed it? I’d prefer to realize any oversight myself. Looking to climb out of this rabbit hole and back to Johnny.Decimal.

Much appreciated.

Hello @JohnPSmithJr
Welcome to the J.D. world, where you get just a couple seconds of life back every time you need a file. Can you imagine how much you’ll have saved in life time after 5 years? How about 10? OMG.

Here’s the link to the Discord server. Fingers crossed.

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Hello there @Martinewski ,

Thank you for the warm welcome and the intriguing promise of snagging back precious seconds with every future file fetch!

The idea of accumulating all that saved time over the years is genuinely exciting – I’m already daydreaming about what I’ll do with those extra moments.

I truly appreciate the link to the Discord server. Here’s to hoping I navigate it with as much ease as I anticipate organizing my files with JD.

Warm regards,
High Five
-John P

Haha thank you @Martinewski and welcome @JohnPSmithJr.

Discord should also be accessible via this page link:

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Actually I’ve done the maths. I’ll make this a blog post one day.

The following numbers are all reasonable given the typical IT projects I’ve worked on over the last 10 years. (I think they’re terribly conservative.)

  • 10 people on a team, who waste
  • 1 minute each hour looking for a thing, which is
  • 80 person-minutes per day. These people typically cost the project
  • $150 per hour (at least), which works out to
  • $200 per day, or
  • $1,000 per week, or
  • $48,000 per year.

Fifty grand, for want of some rigour when filing things. Madness.