Dendron's "hierarchical note" filename format

I thought you may be interested in this approach to file naming with hierarchy. The manifesto in these two links underpins Dendron, a Markdown note-taking app in the mould of Obsidian but living inside VS Code…

The author has basically built a riposte to the PKM community’s “freeform links are how the brain thinks, hierarchy is bad” doctrine. But the approach also eschews burying that hierarchy in folders.

The naming convention stores all node children in a filename, separated by dots, and stores all files at a single flat level. The theory is, this makes notes and hierarchy more immediately visible, and it allows for the storage of node-relevant content in what otherwise might have been just a folder container, unable to take any material.


└── lang
    └── python
        ├── data
        │   ├── boolean
        │   ├── array
        │   ├── string
        │   └── flow
        ├── flow
        │   ├── for
        │   ├── while
        │   └── if
        └── operator
            ├── comment
            ├── compare
            ├── scope
            ├── inspect
            ├── format
            ├── iterate
            └── destructure

… to…

Any thoughts on this?


Reminds me of Usenet, which I miss dearly. I’m just old enough to have used it properly when I was at uni, and then it (mostly) went away. Sad.

I immediately like the hierarchy. I’ll check out those links over the weekend.