Current JD setup (coming from PARA)

Sharing my setup after adjusting from PARA. PARA method for organising digital information felt good, but the line between Area and Resources was not always clear an kept moving folders. Also there was some areas that felt more important that needed a front seat. I now feel way better using JD (partially) for one system across systems and app. Feel way more comfortable with this.

I only use the number system on first two levels. Beyond that number have no value for me. I like the number system as folders are always sorted in the same order and it gives me a set structure so I know where things are and that they are at the same location in iCloud, OnCloud, WorkFlowy etc.

In 00 Meta I have under system an index with the complete tree of my JD-system. Some folders will only exist in iCloud and some only in WorkFlowy, but they all follow the number in the index I’ve set.

As for projects, they live inside a project folder in 10, 20 and 30 (20 and 30 are side hustles). I use an analogue system for managing projects next actions and tasks in general.

This community forum has been a great inspiration for the move and evolving the current setup.


Nice. Really glad this is working for you. :slight_smile:

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Nice, did you come up with a system to manage your projects? Or do you just put new projects inside the area themselves?

Any projects ideas usually goes in its respective location. Like ideas around doing a hike in Alaska lives in 53 Travel. Any open or backburner projects live in a folder inside a project folder (either 11, 21 or 31 for personal and side hustles).

Any action needed to move projects forward goes in my analog system or calendar. I rely on my weekly review to keep on top of things. I tend to take analog notes and capture som things in Drafts 5, so project notes can sometimes be a bit scattered :slight_smile: But in general I found this system to work very well.