Create an admin folder within a company area, or a new area?

I use J.D for my business, enterprise and personal life. I have a 20-39 structure for my business. Can I include a section of Admin 40-45, for example, within this area, or do I have to create a separate area, for example, 40-50 Admin for {{Company name}}

I am not sure if this is allowed. So far, I’ve only seen a single digit for one thing within each area. Still, some J.D numbers (within this company area} directly relate to admin, and I would rather have them connect to an area within the company folder itself since it’s a part of the company. Is this allowed? Thanks.

Admin sounds like a category within your business? I think I’m confused, could you perhaps expand on your system a little or paste a screenshot?

It doesn’t feel like it needs 6 or 10 categories, which it would get if you assigned it 40-45 or 40-50.

Yes, it’s a category within my business.

You might be correct, but I like to future-proof myself rather than constantly change my entire structure later on…

Is it allowed by the system to assign it 40-45 within the business area, then?

I’m still confused. :confused:

Your numbers don’t follow the standard JD pattern, but that doesn’t matter. Do what works for you.

But I think you should still adhere to the main concept which is that:

  • At the top level of your system you have, at most, 10 areas.
    • An area groups together a bunch of similar categories.
  • Within each area folder, you have category folders.

So if your system ends up looking like:

20-39 Business (AREA)
   20 Business category A
   39 Business category B

40-45 Admin (AREA)
   40 Admin category C
   45 Admin category D

And if that works for you and your brain, well, go for it.

The golden rule is that this system is meant to help you find things easily in the future. If this does that for you, then A-OK. :+1:

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Hi. Sorry for the confusion; I meant admin as 30-35, so it’s an area within a business area 20-39. I have seen you put examples of areas with at least ten digits (e.g. 10-19) but not 5-10, or 30-35, and especially not “smaller” areas within a bigger area.

Is this because areas smaller than ten digits don’t make much sense? One is not enough for my admin, but I don’t need as many as 10; 5 would be okie-dokie, but if it’s 30-35, it’s really 31,32,34, so only three digits since you can’t use the numbers that were used to mark off the area, or am I not getting something right?

Aha, that makes more sense.

It’s only recently that I’ve seen people use areas that aren’t a strict 10 digits (x0-x9). Other than it not feeling as ‘neat’, which doesn’t matter if it’s just your personal system, I don’t see any fundamental problem with it. I only chose 10 because we typically work in base 10 but there’s nothing magical about it.

I’d probably caution against it if your system is shared, just on the principle of keeping things as simple as possible. But in your case, go for it!