"Correct" path of Obsidian notes?


I just started this week with J.D and am now building up my system.

One question I came up with: Where do people store their Obsidian notes (metadata) - especially the one that contains information about the system? Such as index and more metadata.

For me it makes sense to have it in the “00-09” area and in there in for example “02 Notes” and then in “02.01 Obsidian”.

Does it make sense to you? That folder by itself includes the whole hierarchy of the J.D system again. I don’t mind having subfolders inside the ID, because an ID is a thing and can consist of everything that belongs to that “thing”.

Or do you store these metadata somewhere very different, so that you have data and metadata more isolated? But then you might come up with the discussion about metadata and data - is it not the same at the end of the day?

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00 Index is for exactly this.

And in these very-meta folders, don’t worry about IDs so much. There shouldn’t be much there. 00.00 Index is enough…

What I personally find confusing is that you end up with the following directory structure:

00-09 System/00 Index/00.00 Index/00-09 System/00 Index


00-09 System/00 Index/00.00 Index

is the root folder for Obsidian. In Obsidian itself there is the whole structure duplicated.

I don’t know if it is possible to organize all data (not only notes) in the Obsidian folder structure itself.


It might by now be obvious, but I don’t use Obsidian. I shall be quiet and let more qualified persons speak. :slight_smile:

I struggled with this myself. I settled on “my obsidian folder, including JD index is a project and goes in my project folder”. It requires physical action to build and maintain a JD system.

My Obsidian vault is a place to organize my thinking, notes, and conclusions. But my file-system is where I organize the result.

In that way, yes 00.00 can be my Index but it’s a single file/folder. There’s no structure there.

00-09 System/00 Index/00.00 Index can exist.

20-29 Projects/21-Clarity/21.20-Obsidian/00.00 Notes about my Index can also exist without replication of the structure. I use root IDs as a notebook/logbook. So 00.00 is just an Index of all thoughts on the topic.

20-29 Projects/21-Clarity/21.20-Obsidian/00.00a My first attempt at a JD system and thoughts about it I then use general zettelkasten naming principles to create a sub-note where my actual notes and ideas now begin to be written.

This way I create a “notebook” per ID.

I understand that you want to be more organized with a folder system inside Obsidian, but my thinking above is about the separation of thinking and notes from the files the notes are about.

Especially because storing an Obsidian vault in 00.00 means there’s high potential for irrelevant notes ending up there. Or that you now have to manage multiple vaults just to keep 00.00 clean.