Code respositories as part of the System

Hello, I am just getting started with my JD implementation and wondering how to work with code repos inside the system.

I am a Mac user and I have the folder structure implemented inside the ~/Documents folder for everything related to files, etc. And that is synced via iCloud to my phone and other machines.

My question is … how to do put code repositories (under Git) to work with the system? Obviously not under documents to be shared via iCloud.

I mean both in regards to The Index but also the folder structure inside your machine.
(This is for personal projects, btw) But I guess similar could work at work.

Thank you :slight_smile:

A confession: I keep a ~/dev folder for all my code projects and there’s no JD anywhere near it!

With the exception of the website, I guess, whose internal structure is JD. But it sits at ~/dev/johnnydecimal/…

I find I have so few things in there, and when I’m ‘in there’ (my dev folder) it’s like I’m in another little world. So I’ve never bothered.

Ok, thanks.

I guess that makes sense then.
Documentation and so for those projects will follow the JD structure but it makes sense to keep repos in separate structure that in the end, as you say, it’s kind of a whole different world.

Would sill create, or do you, an ID in you index (not in the file structure) for the repo?

Generally not, but I’m not a developer by trade so I have very few active repos. It might be different if I had more?

I don’t mind the idea I’ve just never had to think much about it.

Similar here.

I do not code as my main task anymore, so my number of things in active repos is also limited. And some of them are configurations, documentation, etc