Change directory on Johnny Decimal system on Powershell

Hi all,

I want to share a code to navigate to the JD system directory through Windows Powershell. I used as a starting point a code example from this forum (I think it was here) used in the Bash terminal.

function cdj {
  param (

  # Update with your documents root folder
  $rootPath = "D:\Cloud\OneDrive"

  # List of directories matching pattern
  $matchingDirs = Get-ChildItem -Path $rootPath -Directory -Recurse | Where-Object { $_.Name -like "*$folderName*" }

  # Checks for matches
  if ($matchingDirs.Count -eq 0) {
    Write-Host "No matching directories found for '$folderName'."

  # If there is only one match, navigate to it
  if ($matchingDirs.Count -eq 1) {
    Set-Location -Path $matchingDirs[0].FullName
  } else {
    # If there are multiple matches, list them
    Write-Host "Multiple matching directories found for '$folderName':"
    $matchingDirs | ForEach-Object { Write-Host $_.FullName }

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