Bear notes tag structure

Hi all, very new to this system and trying to settle on a naming structure. I am consultant, and will be using the following structure:

  • 100-199 Personal Projects
    • 100 Admin
      • 10-19…
  • 200-299 Client Projects
    • 200 Client A Project 1
      • 01-09 Meta
      • 10-19 Admin
    • 201 Client B Project 1

Does anyone have experience setting up the J.D system in Bear? Struggling with the best way to utilize tags in place of a folder structure.

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That seems solid as a start.

I use Bear and I only use tags for my projects. So 104 Learn with Lucy is tagged #104 LwL#. (I like how they’ve done tags so you can have a space in the tag name.)

My use-case is then that I sit down, I’m in a mode, typically in a project, so I’ll click that tag, and it’s like Bear just became that project. I then use the standard filter to find what I want.

I like that when you’re filtered, creating a new note will automatically add that filter.

I create all notes with the full PRO.AC.ID number so they end up looking like this:

That makes sense! For individual notes in Bear, would you ever use the same PRO.AC.ID multiple times?

For example, in a folder structure, 104.23.21 is a folder that can hold multiple documents. With Bear, or any note-taking tool, would a note go at the ID or “document” level?

  • note: 104.23.21 Errors
  • note: 104.23.21 Something
  • note: 104.23.21 More Things

One ID, one note. The note is about a particular thing. In my example, this is errors in Excel.

Now that note might be quite long, and have a bunch of headers, but I 100% stick to one note per ID.