Anyone Use Workflowy?

I’ve been looking around at different apps and ran across one called Workflowy. I really like the bulleted set up as that’s how my mind works a lot of times. Has anyone used this? And if so, have you implemented the JD system? Thanks!

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I’ve been using workflowy for a few years now.
I haven’t implemented JD system yet, I’m still thinking about it.

Gotcha! May I ask what kind of things you do in Workflowy? Seems like a good tool…just curious how others use it. Thanks!

Oh yes, I use Workflowy for everything! It’s my primary index for my entire life, home, work, hobbies, IT, and everything else. I must have tens of thousands of bullets in there by now.

I started using Wflowy way back in 2010, looong before I had heard about the JD Index. Even so, I already had a categorisation system in place that I used in my computer storage, so that was easy to duplicate.

When I started my latest job, I decided from the start to follow the JD Index, and that has proven immensely useful. Workflowy is my root system where every index number exists as a reference. I spent some time working on a meaningful structure, and it has proven to be pretty much okay – the only rare situations where JD fails me is when something belongs in more than one catergory.

Having that success at work makes me want to also JD’ify my private life, but that turns out to be much more difficult – partly because I already have SO MUCH stuff in my old structure, and partly because there are many ways to divide my home life and I can’t figure out what’s the best way to cut this cake. (Would you put car insurance under personal finance, or under vehicles?)

Because of this, I think that JD works well inside a well-defined scope (like a specific employment) but when you have many scopes then maybe not even the JD projects are sufficient.

Another caveat about Workflowy is that it allows infinite nesting, which is wonderful but goes against the very few levels of hierarchy that JD specifies.