Any Apps for renaming old files?

I’m trying to search for an app that can do bulk rename of old files on my Mac. Pathfinder is one alternative, but their support is very, very lousy, I haven’t received a reply in months!

‘A Better Finder Alternative’ is another utility that I haven’t tried. Any suggestions?

I know they exist, but I don’t know any specifically.

I recall seeing this question on /r/datacurator, might be worth searching/asking there?

Depending on what it is I’d use my Excel skillz and the Terminal. Do an ls -l, dump that in to Excel, do a bunch of manipulation, CONCAT together a bunch of mv commands, paste back in to Terminal.

I know I know I should use Python or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi. I’ve used Forklift as well, however, I’ve done a couple of batch renamings in Path Finder that weren’t possible in Forklift (per my attempts and their customer support).

Hazel best app ever……….

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There’s an app called Renamer that I use via Setapp that does a perfect job.

Maybe Name Mangler · Many Tricks?


Name Mangler is my favorite Mac tool for this.

If you need a CLI, rename is really powerful.

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