An archive and naming folders

I need some advice to archive projects in a folder. Not big projects but small ones within the category folder. The problem is that at a certain time I want to archive my project. I liked the naming of a folder to a year, like this 32.21. I can not find the info anymore. This is my setup:

30-39 Exams

  • 31 Planning
  • 32 Small projects
    • 32.00 Archive
    • 32.01 20211201 Small exam 1
    • 32.02 20211204 Small exam 2

Why archive anything? The system was (accidentally) designed so that older things group together, because their numbers will be similar.

Unless you really need more than 99 things in 32 Small projects — in which case you should re-think the design — just leave older things where they are?

I understand. Can I give each item a sort of timestamp? any ideas?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, sorry. Do you mean that when you have ‘finished’ with 32.02 20211204 Small exam 2 that you want it to be archived? To go somewhere else?

I don’t think you should do that. Just leave it where it is! But maybe I have misunderstood your question?

Also happy christmas from Australia! :christmas_tree:

Ok, and thx for this neat system! Very helpful!

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