Advice on folder structure and

Here’s my scope
I am using, I want to have one vault for everything
structured something like this

00-09 admin
10-19 Me
20-29 Wife
30-39 Kid1
40-49 Kid2
50-59 Household
60-69 tbd/interests/second brain
70-79 work/business

My obsidian vault is in icloud as I need to sync ios and windows. On my Windows pc I create a junction point from C:<user>\iCloudDrive\iCloud~md~obsidian to a folder in my home folder so I have cleaner paths. I also syncthing to my synology, where I have snapshots, and push it to backblaze b2 for DR. So if icloud drive craps the bed, I’m covered.

I would like to mirror the folder structure in my file system with the one in my obsidian vault. I would love to just merge them into one folder tree as many of my categories are repositories for a few notes and mostly pdfs.

I hesitate to do that and bloat the obsidian vault with files other than pdfs and markdown. But if I keep two folder structures, will I always be looking for something in two places. This is mostly an issue on the phone, where accessing your data in obsidian is much easier than drilling up and down one folder level at a time in the files app.

How would you approach this or if you have a similar implementation, what system did you settle on.

I’ve been working on this some myself! I ended up with one system for my vault but I made an exception; the “Projects” directory contains “multi-projects”. This may not work out but it feels like the work I do around projects is varied enough that this will make sense.