A website menu set up using JD!

OK, this isn’t my setup, but I was doing some productivity research and noticed that the left-hand menu seemed to be set up using JD - although there are no articles anywhere on the site mentioning it.


I’m rather inspired to use something similar on some of my sites…

Heyyyyy good spotting! I’ll have a read through the site. :smiley:

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@dixonge Wow… what a wonderful link!
I’ve just spent the first half of my morning cuppa Java wandering around Chaotic organized, and have actually been spellbound.

It’s actually the first time I’ve seen a JD like hamburger menu (I’m on my iPad right now, and haven’t seen the desktop menu they use — is it the same, as in just hamburger menu?). It actually makes some sense though, especially in its use of the mega menu (submenu) declination. It has me thinking about how I might want to reorganize my own website menu system when I do the next rework of the site.

I was thinking what was really missing was a breadcrumb feature to take me back a level. The only navigation possibilities seemed to be either by the back/forward browser buttons, or by the hamburger menu itself… until I discovered that the Connected Pages box at the bottom of their page was more than just a cute little cosmology map.

Did you try that yet!? :scream: I can’t ever remember seeing anything like it in over 40 years of computing! What an adventure — worthy of further discovery over daily Java.

The site definitely deserves a deeper dive over the next little bit, as much for the way a mind works as for the content itself.

Again, thanks for the share!

This map is a feature of the Obsidian note-taking software (the site seems to have been made with Obsidian, which is another feature of this software).

JD is actually quite popular in the Obsidian community.