A lot of notes on one ID in Bear

I have some IDs that I would like to use Bear notes as my writing platform.
For example let’s say I have an ID for my companies sales process.
In my opinion, that is one thing → one ID.

Let’s say it has 4 subtitles. I don’t want the parent note to be too long so I would like to split that note in to 4 different notes.

Question is, can I have multiple notes in my Bear app with the same AC.ID? That would feel weird.

If the structure was with word documents, it would look like this:

11.11 Sales Process
  Sales Call.doc

With bear notes it would look like this:

11.11 Sales Process
11.11 Prospecting
11.11 Sales Call
11.11 Closing
11.11 On-boarding

There is a lot of confusion at risk. How should I handle this? I really like the way Bear works for writing and brainstorming.

It’s an index, not an inventory.

Seems that I forgot the .doc also for the Bear example, that made it confusing.

My problem is that I would like to have notes written with Bear. If those notes are based around the same subject (let’s say repainting the kitchen), than they will have the same AC.ID and my Bear will have multiple notes with same AC.ID.

For example I could have these:

11.11 Repainting the kitchen (parent)
11.11 Color options for kitchen (subnote)
11.11 People to ask to help(subnote)
11.11 Notes about where things were (subnote)

Should I just have those notes be their own AC.ID? On my cases my notes are so long that it feels wrong to keep them in one note. And I don’t want to use Word for this, Bear feels so much better to write in.

Ah, I gotcha.

Yeah I think this is fine. I like the idea of (parent) so you know which is the ‘main’ note. I might even think about a standard for that, perhaps:

11.11 [P] Repainting the kitchen
11.11 Color options for kitchen
11.11 People to ask to help
11.11 Notes about where things were

Where [P] is the parent or [M] for main if you’re a coder or whatever else makes sense for you. Putting it at the front feels more noticeable?

And in this case you might not need an indication for the other notes, by implication they’re subnotes.

Interesting. If you go with this can you let us know how it works?

Yes, sounds good. I will try it this way!

I will come back later to tell if I had any problems along the way.

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One note right at the beginning; it is likely that will have only a handful of subnotes.

For that reason I felt it would be more clean to mark the subnote with [S]

My perfectionist mind will not accept that some of my main index entries have [P] in front and some do not. Marking the subnote fixes this ”problem”:grin:

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