A database of books, movies, etc. Should you use J.D?

Hey. I’ve been pondering about this for quite a while.

For context: I am learning the Japanese language, and when it comes to immersion, I stream locally, which means storing subtitles in different formats; the anime is categorised by season or manga by volume, which means it needs to be more than two folders deep, I think…

Similarly, with books, I do not think I can build my “local library” over the years with J.D. At least while maintaining all J.D principles. I guess the usual categorisation by alphabet would work for that, and J.D is NOT needed, but again, I think… But it would be pretty cool to somehow use J.D for this!

So, what do you think… about this? Can’t wait to hear it!!

I do not recommend using JD for something that is already alphabetical.

I let apps organise my media: Plex does my shows, Music does my music. Life’s too short to organise media files. :wink:

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