22.00.0060: Ellane learns the command line

Exciting news! Which is below. This is just a quick message to say that I’m just copy/pasting the launch announcement from Mastodon as I’m short on time. Message follows! –j.

:rocket: LAUNCHING A THING TODAY :rocket:

My friend Ellane and I are pleased to launch a new mini-course:

:technologist: Ellane learns the command line :technologist:

She mentioned this to me a while ago, so we’re going to do it live on Mastodon. Here, in this thread. We’re thinking of it like a correspondence course.

You can’t fit that much in a post, and formatting here isn’t great, so the full posts will be on our mini blog at:


We’d love you to follow along.



I like how this is going! I’ll post occasional updates here.

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