22.00.0056: Goals × life

Other than an actual day off – given that I’m writing this blog mostly in the context of my job – I’ve hit every day of #WeblogPoMo2024. And I’m proud of that.

I’m going to miss today. (Although this post threatens to turn in to Quine’s paradox.)

This arbitrary target has been an amazing writing tool. I’ve written far more this month than ever before. And I’ve enjoyed it.

But this evening, when I’d normally write, intead we spent in our neighbour’s front garden.

So rather than writing something for the sake of not breaking a streak, I’m not posting anything today. Other than this post, which I ask you not to count.

Because the message is this: it’s okay to skip an arbitrary, inconsequential goal sometimes, if the alternative is spending time in real life. With your neighbours, round a fire, drinking a Negroni, looking at the sky.


Negronis are the best. Enjoy the time!

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Well done, and enjoy the time off.