22.00.0054: Rhodia notepads

We’ve established that I’m a pencil guy. What do I write on?

I discovered Rhodia’s notepads years ago and I’ve since come to realise that I can’t write on anything else.

It’s the ivory paper. This photo doesn’t do it justice, so if you’ve not seen it, go and find one. They’re only about $10.

But make sure you get the ivory variant! The paper isn’t white. And there’s something about it that makes it much easier for my brain to write on. When I go back to white — alas, Rhodia only makes an A4 dotpad in white — it’s almost blinding.

As well as being ivory, the paper really is lovely. And I love the way the top cover folds over the back. A really nice daily notebook: premium feel without breaking the bank. I’ve had dozens over the years.

For Post-it notes, I find the branded ones are worth the money. And for the love of all that’s good in the world don’t get sticky-note yellow! Tizzy it up a bit.

I’m also partial to a really cheap notepad. This one (photo, centre) is from Muji and the paper is really thin and crappy. It’s like the toilet paper from high school. There’s about 500 sheets on a pad, glued at the top. It was a dollar and I was robbed.

But the cheapness means you don’t feel bad about making a ton of quick notes. Most of them don’t last overnight — they’re just a place to scratch a thought. Then scrunch and it’s in the bin.

A photo of the Rhodia, some very bright Post-its, and the (grey kinda boring) cheap Muji pad on my desk.

(And yeah, the paper is grey not ivory. But I use this paper for quick scribbles, not considered thoughts.)

My preferred writing medium for my journals are Paperblanks. With the nice prints on the outside.

For productive stuff the brand does not matter to me. But I write on A4 paper with 5mm squares, I love that stuff. I kind of hate 10mm squares for some reason, but 5mm just click :slight_smile: