22.00.0039: One star

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Well, you can thank that one star review… it prompted me to leave my own, which I have been procastinating since buying the workbook + starting to implement its content :slight_smile:

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I just read it. Priceless. Thank you. :hugs:


I felt better after leaving it ; that kind of reviews drives me nuts everytime I read one… and btw, I totally love your stars to words translation, especially the 1 and 5 star(s) :smiley:
One thing / afterthought, though : maybe Robert meant the zip file with the example file structure you can download on gumroad ?

I’ll never know! Because he didn’t respond to my email.

We test all links/downloads and last time I checked everything was A-OK.

It was A-OK for me too yesterday (had to re-download because I was on a different computer) but I’m not on Mac Safari so…

This drives me mad. I don’t usually leave reviews for anything but I have now :melting_face:

And a very kind review it was too. Thank you.