22.00.0033: I love pencils

Pencils are objectively better than pens. Fight me.


Mechanical pencils :wink:

Can’t get in to them! They don’t have the same vibe, man. :vulcan_salute:

I did see in Pencil News the other day a mechanical that rotates the lead each time you hit the page so that you don’t end up with a heavily-slanted tip. That’s neat.

I actually prefer pens too, but I replied mechanical pens to be contrarian. Yes I am like that =) I have too many pens, and keep fooling myself I will go through them all since I write notes on physical notebooks.

I’ve been using the Uni Kuru Toga and the Rotring Tikky which have the auto rotation feature and can’t see myself going back to a regular pencil ever again. It’s so convenient that you get a consistent writing experience over a long enough time that it helps you stay in flow as you’re writing and annotating a book.