Please prevent me from using sub-folders for uni

See the adjacent thread for good discussion on this topic. Follow that one as I’ll post there when I set up a Zoom session to work this issue out. We just need to focus on producing the Workshop for a while, sorry…

Until then — don’t be afraid of subfolders. Be more afraid of being disorganised! Which is worse?

For years ‘no subfolders’ was the rule. And it’s still a loose goal: if you can manage with a very shallow structure, do so. But this is one of those cases where you really can’t.

I like to think of it like sitting down to work at a big old desk. You’d get your folder out and spread out your papers. That’s about as much as you can hold in your active mind: what you can see spread out in front of you.

So that’s about what you should have in a JD ID. Not much more than that.

But if it helps to put your papers in neat piles: seminars, simulations, assessments, etc., then you should do that. The trick, as I’m sure you know, is to make each of these collections of subfolders identical. Design a template and apply it everywhere. Because now it’s familiar, now you won’t go crazy creating dozens of other folders.

It’s more about what you’re preventing. Just prevent yourself going back to ‘the old way’ and you’ll be alright.

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