My derivate of J.D (and P.A.R.A.)

A(nother) caveat a few weeks further in: While there have been mobile versions of Logseq for a while now, there does not seem to exist a great sync option.

iCloud eg. seems especially (?) bad (which, yes, in part might be Apple’s fault, but then again there are two ways for apps to use iCloud, just files and the better one that eg. Agenda and Ulysses use—and of course Logseq only offers the former, not the latter; also other options don’t seem to fare much better, except maybe Git which but has its own set of caveats). Basically you really have to make sure to use it only one device at a time and that data is really synced before you switch devices, or you‘ll risk serious dataloss.

Apparently there is a dedicated sync service (like Obsidian has one) in the works but not ETA, info on pricing etc.

Might turn out to be a dealbreaker for me.

Which is said because otherwise it really has a lot of strong points.

But sync has to work. It’s 2022. :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m using Syncthing for the Logseq sync between my Android and the PC. The local PC folder, additionally, is synced to MS OneDrive for significant revisions and I also run a “git push” from the Command Line to upload the commits into my Github private repository.