Multiple Businesses and Personal Files

I’m fascinated by the system and to be honest my files are a hot mess.

I’m an OpsMgr for my Day Job, so the business examples work great for setting up J.D. for “work”.
Though I’m currently maintaining 57 concurrent projects, so the PRO.AD.ID variant will need to how this implementation will work.
The challenge I’m hitting is that I have two side hustles, each with their own ‘full business’ structure AND I want to use this for all the side projects and running the household.

I’m planning on using PRO 100 for the Day Job, PRO 200 for Hustle1, PRO 300 for Hustle2, and 400 for Household.
Do I mirror the Areas and Categories so that 100.10, 200.10, 300.10, 400.10 are all Finance?

Since the number of Realms will be small, should I do something like:
1 Day Job
----10 Finance
--------11 Taxes
2 Hustle 1
----10 Finance
--------11 Taxes
3 Hustle 2
----10 Finance
--------11 Taxes
4 Household
----10 Finance
--------11 Taxes
Resulting in R.AC.ID Realm . Area Category.FileID

This way I’d know that X.11.XX is Taxes through all Realms.

Has anyone else done an implementation like this?


1,000,000% recommend that you do this, yes.

I’m setting up a system at work at the moment which follows the PMP method of project management and we’ll eventually standardise on numbers for the various artefacts. So for example we have:

20-29 Project Management Process
   27 Risk
   27.01 Risk Management Plan
   27.02 Risk register

And those numbers will always be those numbers for all future projects. Standardisation = :+1:

Let us know how you get on!

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I made the mistake of not doing this standardisation when I set up my projects. Now I’ve got similar projects with a hodge podge of categories that I’m too lazy to sort out. If you could just volunteer to organise my file system for me like the Good Samaritan that you are I’ll love you forever for it.

Ha! Sure thing, I’ll be right over.