Mixed two and three digit categories

I’m very new to the JD System and believe I will like it a lot. But I am a bit confused as to whether it is possible to use BOTH a two digit AND three digit numbering system.

For example, For my personal stuff I am thinking of using something like:
10.23 - Restaurant Receipts
10.24 - Kids School Expenses
10.25 - Wife’s vehicle documents
10.26 - My vehicle documents

but when I get to work projects using:

001.10.01-19 - XYZ Company Project
002.10.01-19 - ABC Company project

My reasoning is that once in either of the three digit company files, I again need a lower level of file… for example again:
001.10.01 - XYZ Initial Proposal
001.10.02 - XYZ Final Drawings
001.10.03 - XYZ Signed off Drawings
001.10.04 - XYZ Signed Proposal
002.10.01 - ABC Initial Proposal
002.10.02 - ABC Final Drawings
002.10.03 - ABC Signed off Drawings
002.10.04 - ABC Signed Proposal

I guess at the end of the day I am not fully comprehending the JD System and could use some advice.

Much appreciating any advice/guidance y’all can provide.


Has no one any suggestions or thoughts for me at all??

Haha hey @Tommu319! Sorry I can be a little slow around here.

Yeah look, what we’ve learned from this forum over the last year or so is that if it works for you, it’s probably right. I had in my mind when I wrote the site these hard and fast rules, and it turns out they don’t work for everybody.

Here you have two quite distinct systems. It doesn’t feel like they’ll ever ‘meet’. In which case I’d say go for it. Your ‘personal’ system should just use the standard JD system with numbers from 10-19 through 90-99 (see my personal system for an overview of mine), then your work system does the same but with 3-digit project IDs at the front, as described here.

I note that they won’t ‘meet’ because now you can keep whatever records separate and one system won’t be confused by another system’s different numbering. That keeps things clean.

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