Looking for JD Library Setup Tips

Hi, I’ve been playing around with my JD system. I’m mostly happy with my current setup. My biggest hold up is what to do with my research documents, so wanted to reach out to all of you for some friendly filing advice. :nerd_face:

For my main job, I’m an attorney. For that reason, I collect and save laws, manuals, regulations, law reviews, etc. However, I also collect and save readings and articles on various other topics. As of right now, I have a setup of:

50-59 - Legal Education and Training
50 - Legal Education Seminars
51 - Law Type 1
52 - Law Type 2
53 - Law Type 3
54 - Law Type 4
55 - Law Type 5
56 - Law Type 6
57 - Law Type 7
58 - Law Type 8 - which is specifically connected to 1 client that has its own JD number, so I frequently wonder if I should move it to a folder inside my client’s JD number or keep it out here, since there are some research things in here that could potentially help me if I get a future client with a similar need.

However, I also have a number 13 knowledge, with a 13.01 Legal. I have a few things saved there that don’t neatly fit in 50-58, but I can try to find a way to move them there, to keep them in same place. 13.02-13.09 are topics I enjoy reading about, but not necessarily law-related.

I also created (following some other JD system seen here) a 14 - Entertainment that has a 14.01 Reading. I put it there because I thought of it for “light reading”, but I’m thinking about eliminating it, because my brain struggles to decide what to put there versus on 13.

Anyway, I’ve been regularly thinking about where to save files on 13.01, 14.01 or somewhere in the 50s when they’re not an exact match for the files named in 51-58. Any advice on how you set this up would be appreciated.

Also, do you recommend I move 58 (law type tied to 1 client) to a folder inside that client, or should I keep it separate? That’s not the only client I’m having this issue with , so I want to make sure I’m consistent across the board.

Thanks to all for helping out!

Instinct tells me to leave it where it is for now.

Hmmm yeah I see why you might not like this. It’s one of those grey areas; one of those where it might not make sense to someone else but if your brain just kinda knows what’s in there vs. 50-59 then hey, it works.

It might be me that posted that, I use 14 Knowledge & Data and 17 Entertainment inside my 10-19 Personal.

For me the Knowledge & Data stuff is where I collect random [arte]facts. I’ve got manuals for a camera lens in there, some records of chess games (I lost), and that is indeed where I have a ‘general reading’ note.

Then Entertainment is much more about going/doing/watching/cooking. But even typing that I can easily see how I could have put /reading in there so :man_shrugging: .

But yes, I would eliminate one of those.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your comments! They’re helpful. I thin I’ll definitely delete the “reading” tab in entertainment. One less thing to think about. I have that “Entertainment” tab with other things that make more sense to me, like Music, Movies, Photos and recipes. So, after reading your comment, it’s going away. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought of this “legal” as legal articles/stories that don’t connect necessarily to the areas I regularly work on. I just tend to stare at it way more than I should. I’m hoping my brain starts figuring that one out.

I will say that I appreciate reading here about others’ setups. It helps me rethink my own. I’ve grabbed ideas here and there from others. So, please keep your ideas and feedback coming. :slight_smile: