Ideas help please!: "my ______ index"

The King has spoken, my life has been saved! :slight_smile:
I can fully buy into the logic you have outlined, and it makes perfect sense!

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How about:

decimaliste ?

According to this dictionary, decimalist has meaning in British English ( as " a person who is in favour of decimalism". With decimalism defined as: “a method or practice based on units, divisions, or multiples of ten”

So I add an “e” as a bit of an embellishment.

Although I understand your point of view, perhaps it’s the differentiation that would set this system apart from all the others. After all, it’s designed to organise our lives, isn’t it? It can never be too personal.

As far as the index is concerned, I’m surprised that nobody, unless I’m mistaken, has mentioned Vannevar Bush’s Memex. In any case, memory seems a good semantic field to explore. As a last resort, we’re left with Johnny Mnemonic. :thinking: :nerd_face:

Another idea I thought of. Instead of:

  • "The Johnny.Decimal System”, and
  • "Your Johnny.Decimal System”.

I came up with:

  • “The Johnny.Decimal Way”, and
  • "Your Johnny.Decimal System”.

I just kinda like the way that sounds. It is inspired from something the owner the company I work for said when we came up with some shortcut ways of doing a job. He said, yes it will work, but “it’s not the [company_name] way”.

The 10.10.100 system.
Pronounce ten-ten-hundred. No translation issues.


“A life classification system.”


A useful way to think of the index is as the taxonomy of a system. A stream of consciousness follows:

  • The Johnny Taxonomy
  • Taxonomitron
  • Tiny Taxonomy (I like this b/c it implies ease of use)
  • System Taxonomy
  • Indexonomy

Another way to think of the index is as a sort of router that points you to a specific route to get to your stuff.

  • Route index
  • Pointer path
  • Route mapper
  • Johnny Routes
  • The Path Map

…It’s also a system of record. This is urging me to use DNS-y terms, as each entry in the index is also a sort of a record:

  • SOA (start of authority - meh)
  • Top-Level Index (the “TLI”)
  • Entries could be a FQIN (fully qualified index name). You also have pointers (PTR) and aliases as you do in DNS, and even a mail exchanger (MX :slight_smile:

I’m certain there are other ways to come at all this, I’ll jump back in with anything else I come up with.

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A couple words that haven’t come up yet:

  • Registry
  • Sitemap

I like registry in that it subtly implies you register things there. Just what kind of things you register is not prescribed, so…you could call it thingamaregistry. That’s too long to my liking though.

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