"Borrowing" files

So over the last week and a bit I’ve been slowly working on implementing this system. I decided to have two separate JD systems; one for the academic / Second Brain and one for general computer organisation since it made much more sense to have it in those two.
Now, within the Second Brain I’m working on my PhD thesis.

  • 10-19 Literary Criticism
  • 20-29 Fiction / Books
    • 21 Fantasy
    • 22 Gothic/ Horror
  • 90-99 Thesis… etc

What I’ve been doing is “borrowing” the relevant files from the 20-29 area and moving them into the 90-99 area so that I can have a “cleaner” view / more focused on just the books for the thesis.
They’re named like 21.01 ASOIAF and so on so I know they don’t live in that area but are instead borrowed.

Does anyone else do this? And is it an efficient way of working, or is there an easier work around that I’m just not doing?

Hey Rowan. Welcome to the forum.

Sounds similar to the ideas in this post?

Thank you! I’m glad to be here!

Ah, looking at the post you linked to yes it is similar. I had misread the post when I first joined.